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Film Digitizing in Grande Prairie

Inspectrum Testing Inc. offers a radiographic film digitizing service in Grande Prairie to create electronic copies of x-ray films. It is an affordable technology that converts films into electronic scans. At our industrial facility, we have DICONDE code-compliant film digitizing equipment and a team dedicated to processing any quantity of film to fit your project needs. This process is useful for quality control checks, remote interpretations, and can reduce x-ray storage space. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

Film Digitizing

Benefits of Film Digitizing

Our x-ray film digitizing services are secure and confidential. The x-ray images digitized by us are DICONDE compliant and are converted into commonly recognized formats that can be used or accessed easily. They can be stored on USB sticks, shared through file sharing sites or other technology. Contact us to see how this service can help increase efficiencies and minimize the costs associated with on-site or off-site film archival storage.

Our Service Area

We provide film digitizing services from our main office in Grande Prairie, AB.

Let Us Inspect Your Lifting Equipment

We will ensure that your equipment is in compliance with CSA Z150, OH&S regulations.

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