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Lifting Equipment Inspection Services in Grande Prairie

Inspectrum Testing Inc. in Grande Prairie can provide inspection services as well as assist with engineering certification for your lifting equipment, including the following:

Crane inspections

Sideboom inspections

Picker inspections

Overhead crane inspections

Man lift inspections

Crane accessory items

Below the hook devices

Rental tools

Knuckle picker certifications

Scissor lift inspections

Stiff boom inspections

CAODC rig inspections

Fall arrest systems

Lifting Equipment

Our trained and knowledgeable technicians ensure your equipment complies with CSA Z150 OH&S regulations. We will then send your inspections to an engineer for review and stamp certification. Call us today to schedule an appointment for inspection services from our skilled team.

The Importance of Lifting Equipment Inspection and How It Can Improve Safety

In industries where heavy lifting is routine, ensuring personnel safety and protecting valuable assets is paramount. This is where the meticulous practice of lifting equipment inspection comes into play. Inspectrum Testing Inc., in Grande Prairie, understands the critical significance of this process.


Why Lifting Equipment Inspection Matters:


  • Preventing accidents
    Regular lifting equipment inspection helps identify potential issues before they escalate into dangerous situations.


  • Extending equipment lifespan
    Timely identification of wear and tear allows for prompt maintenance or replacement. This, in turn, prolongs the life of the equipment.


  • Reducing financial losses
    Accidents or equipment failures can lead to significant financial losses through repairs, replacements, and potential legal liabilities. Routine inspection helps mitigate these risks.

At Inspectrum Testing Inc. in Grande Prairie, we understand lifting equipment's critical role in various industries. Our team of certified professionals conducts thorough inspections, adhering to industry codes and standards. From cranes to hoists, we meticulously evaluate equipment to ensure it meets safety requirements. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive inspection and elevate safety standards on your worksite.

Our Service Areas

Inspectrum Testing Inc., your trusted partner in non-destructive testing, extends its inspection services across a vast expanse, encompassing key areas like Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Cache, Peace River, High Level, and beyond. We understand the significance of reliable lifting equipment, especially in the oil and gas, construction, and manufacturing industries. That's why, besides our mobile services, we welcome you to bring your lifting equipment directly to our state-of-the-art industrial facility at 11233 91 Ave, Grande Prairie, AB.

A Reliable Source for Ultrasonic Testing

We offer ultrasonic testing in compliance with industry codes and standards such as ASME, API, and more.

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