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Magnetic Particle Testing in Grande Prairie

Magnetic particle testing, also known as Magnaflux Inspection, MPI Testing and Mag Particle Testing, detects surface flaws in magnetizable metal goods. The approach involves the use of a skilled technician to differentiate between valuable and unnecessary signals. The professionals at Inspectrum Testing Inc. perform magnetic particle testing (MPI) to identify surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials. A few examples of ferromagnetic materials are iron, nickel, cobalt, and other alloys. 


MPI can be done by direct or indirect magnetization. Indirect magnetization, the electric current is passed through the object to be tested, and a magnetic field is formed in the material. In indirect magnetization, no electric current is passed, and the magnetic field is applied from an external source. Our specialists can detect faults in ferromagnetic materials by stimulating a magnetic field directly or indirectly into a material. We use several techniques, including wet suspension and magnetic yoke, to identify the flaws. Our magnetic particle testing is one of the most affordable inspection technologies available in Grande Prairie   

Magnetic Particle Testing

Wet vs Dry Magnetic Particle Testing 

Dry particles are dyed to display contrast against the test surface background. They are sprayed either with a spray gun or a squeeze bulb in different colours: black, gray, red, and yellow. Wet particles are tested in a water-based or an oil-based liquid carrier. With water-based liquid, conditioners must be added along with corrosion regulators and a wetting agent. The wet technique has a higher sensitivity rate for detecting extremely small defects on the surface, whereas the dry technique has a higher sensitivity for detecting subsurface faults. 

Wet Horizontal MPI Machine

A wet horizontal MPI machine is the most commonly used mass-production inspection machine. This machine has a head and tailstock where an object is placed for magnetization. Between the head and tailstock, an induction coil is used to change the orientation of the magnetic field by 90°.

Magnetic Yoke

The magnetic yoke is a hand-held device that induces a magnetic field between two poles. This device is commonly used for outdoor purposes, remote locations, and weld inspection. 

For adequate inspection, the yoke should be rotated 90° for every inspection area to identify horizontal and vertical discontinuities. Using this device, subsurface detection can be restricted. Dry magnetic powders and aerosols are utilized with yoke MPI inspection. 

Our Service Areas

Inspectrum Testing Inc. provides magnetic particle inspection (MPI) services to many areas including Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Cache, Peace River, High Level, and others. We also offer bench services out of our main office in Grande Prairie. Our Magnaflux Bench is capable of handling pieces up to 15000 mm in length and has a 500 mm diameter induction coil. Contact us today !

Radiographic Film Digitizing

We have DICONDE code-compliant film digitizing equipment to convert films to electronic scans.

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