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Eddy Current Testing in Grande Prairie

Eddy current testing is a specialized method offered by Inspectrum Testing Inc. This advanced technology involves passing alternating current through a coil, generating eddy currents in the material under examination. The resulting electromagnetic fields reveal surface and near-surface defects with exceptional precision.


At Inspectrum Testing Inc., we prioritize safety and compliance with industry standards. Our team is dedicated to delivering top-notch eddy current testing services that meet or exceed ASME, API, CSA, and AWS codes and regulations.

For businesses in Grande Prairie seeking meticulous and dependable non-destructive testing solutions, Inspectrum Testing Inc. is the trusted partner you can rely on. Contact us today to schedule your eddy current testing and ensure the integrity and safety of your critical components.


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How Eddy Current Testing Works

Eddy current testing, offered by Inspectrum Testing Inc. in Grande Prairie, is a sophisticated, non-destructive testing technique. It operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. A coil carrying an alternating current generates eddy currents in a conductive material. Any irregularities or defects in the material will disrupt the flow of these currents, creating measurable changes. Skilled technicians at Inspectrum Testing Inc. meticulously analyze these alterations to identify critical components' flaws, cracks, or inconsistencies. This method provides accurate and reliable insights into the integrity of materials, ensuring the safety and reliability of vital equipment in various industries.

Advantages of Eddy Current Testing

There are various advantages of eddy current testing, some of them are:


  • Non-destructive inspection
    Eddy current testing allows for thoroughly examining materials without causing any damage.

  • Detects surface and subsurface flaws
    This technique can identify surface cracks and subsurface defects, comprehensively assessing the material's condition.

  • Enhances safety and reliability
    Eddy current testing contributes to the overall safety and reliability of critical equipment.

Inspectrum Testing Inc. brings years of expertise to eddy current testing, offering accurate and reliable inspections in Grande Prairie. Trust us for thorough and precise assessments of your critical components. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive inspection of equipment.

Our Service Areas

Inspectrum Testing Inc. provides its eddy current testing services to many areas, including Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Cache, Peace River, High Level, and others. Call us today to learn more about ultrasonic non-destructive testing at our industrial facility.

Explore Our Comprehensive Services in Grande Prairie


In addition to eddy current testing, Inspectrum Testing Inc. offers top-notch NDT services.

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