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Industrial Radiography in Grande Prairie by Skilled Professionals 

Radiographic testing is a very common non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection method for its versatility in identifying a wide variety of flaws on different materials and its capacity to generate a permanent record of every inspection. One of the greatest advantages of radiography testing is that it can be used on almost any material and can reveal discontinuities located on or below the surface. Inspectrum Testing Inc. offers industrial radiography in Grande Prairie. We examine various manufactured components to verify the internal structure and integrity of the specimen.  


Our experienced radiographers work within strict safety guidelines. We use our years of expertise to assess if an irregularity is truly a defect or if it may be approved in accordance with the latest code requirements. The process is done by using either x-rays or gamma rays, thereby considered as non-destructive testing. 
If you want to book our industrial radiography service in Grande Prairie, get in touch with us today. Our team will be happy to assist you. 


Uses of Non-destructive Testing 

 Non-destructive testing (NDT) can be used for: 

Inspection of in-service weld and material

Inspection of heavy wall vessel

Fabrication and repair of tanks

Erosion or corrosion check on valves

Concrete examination of re-bar and conduits

Radiographic Testing

Types of NDT Radiography

NDT radiography is categorized on the basis of the process and the technology used:

Computed radiography: It is an NDT method done using phosphor-imaging plates to store the inspection results. This process can be done on the same materials and in similar situations as standard radiography.

Digital radiography: It is the latest technology in NDT in which the images are automatically transferred to a computer. Therefore, you can quickly evaluate and propose a diagnosis. In comparison to computed radiography, it is a bit expensive and is restricted to the use of flat-panel detectors for image capturing.

Real-time radiography: It is an NDT method in which an image is produced electronically instead of on a file. In this process, there is very little lag time between the item being exposed to radiation and the resultant image.

Safe and Dependable Solutions 

At Inspectrum Testing Inc., we are committed to providing a safe work environment for our team and customers. As a certified team of professionals offering quality industrial radiography in Grande Prairie, we ensure compliance with safety regulations. Our engineers are recruited for their utmost precision and attention to detail. They're rigorously trained to meet all the latest codes and industry requirements. We strive to maintain a high standard of inspection, even if it requires further training of our employees. 

Our Service Areas

We provide industrial radiography (x-ray) services to many areas,  including Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Cache, Peace River, High Level, and more. Call us to learn more about radiographic testing.

Magnetic Particle Testing (MPI)

 MPI is performed to locate surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

Looking for Industrial Radiography Experts?

Reach out to us at Inspectrum Testing Inc. for quality industrial radiography in Grande Prairie.

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